Dessert Bar

Hire the Dessert bar

I think food should always taste absolutely fantastic, even if it’s done on a big scale.  I’ve introduced the Dessert Bar to pop-up at your wedding or event and make your desserts extraordinary!  No more mass-produced, plastic-tasting foods, I want to bring you and your guests something different.  I specialise in desserts and can concentrate on the most delicious combinations – together we’ll create a fun and exciting menu.

You may have loved your mum’s sticky toffee pudding as a child, or ordered the banana split on your first date – whatever your favourite dessert is, I can make it extra special for your big day.

The dessert bar is so versatile as I can dress it up to suit your style or theme.  Whether it’s beautiful flowers, bold blackboards or rustic country crates, it will fit in perfectly with your event.


 Find out how it works or see the pirces page for more details