How it works

How it works

Having a dessert bar at your wedding or event will not only be different and delicious, but it’s stress-free as I’ll do the work for you (you’ll just have to join in for the tasting!). I will bring the bar, equipment and everything needed to serve up the desserts for your guests.  It’s up to you whether you pre-book the number of desserts (as part of a set menu), or let your guests choose whatever they’d like on the day.

These three steps give you a guide to how it works;

Step 1

Get in contact and we’ll have a chat together about your day, just the basics to get started.  Once I have an idea of where it’ll be and how many you’d like to serve, I’ll then send you some sample menus for you to choose from. Are you a chocoholic or prefer something a bit lighter?  Don’t worry as I’ll be able to give you lots of guidance.

All the desserts come with accompaniments such as cream/sauces/toppings – nothing is done by halves!

At this stage I’ll be able to give you a guide on price – I can work to lots of different budgets so just let me know and I can suggest the best options.

Step 2

Once we’ve narrowed down your favourite desserts, it’s time for tasting –  We’ll arrange a suitable date for us to meet and there’ll be some goodies to try.

I recommend two to three options of desserts for the day and it’s usually a good idea if they’re quite different i.e. a chocolatey option and a lighter/fruity option.

We can then talk through some of the finer details, such as how you’d like the dessert bar to look and what colour you’d like your napkins.  I’ll be able to give you lots of suggestions – this is the fun part for me!

I’ll also be able to give you a final price.

Step 3

Reserve your date, then relax.  Once you’ve reserved your date the rest is up to me.  I will send you a summary of everything we’ve discussed and the plans for me to set up on the day.  I will often liaise with the hotel or venue for setting up times and space, that’s one less thing for you to worry about on the day.

Want to find out the cost? See the prices page

I look forward to hearing from you and being a part of you day – any questions, just shout.